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What our clients say

Our approach has demonstrated success, with 90% of candidates securing roles in prestigious Bulge Bracket banks, Elite M&A Boutiques or leading regional investment banks.

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Invest & You was an absolute game-changer in my journey to landing an M&A Industrials internship at Société Générale. The mentorship from seasoned bankers, rich in industry expertise, was invaluable. They not only honed my technical skills but also transformed my approach to fit interview questions, giving me a competitive edge. The unique access to their professional network opened doors to insider insights, elevating my understanding of the industry. Additionally, their personalized guidance in crafting a standout CV and cover letter was a significant differentiator. I highly recommend Invest & You for anyone aspiring to get into the M&A or PE.


Off Cycle
at Société Générale, Paris
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Invest & You transformed my journey to securing an off-cycle internship at Rothschild in Dubai. Starting from scratch in banking and M&A, their invaluable guidance and support were pivotal. The team's remarkable availability and responsiveness ensured quick access to crucial information, meeting tight deadlines from our first conversation to my interview day. Their tailor-suited coaching program, with personalized 1 to 1 sessions, equipped me with the skills and confidence to excel. Beyond interview prep, their mentorship offers insights shaping my career. I highly recommend Invest & You for their unwavering support and commitment to client success.


Off Cycle
at Rothschild, Dubai
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Invest & You transformed my internship pursuit, providing a crucial edge by addressing the gap between interview questions and my academic knowledge. Tailored coaching secured off-cycle internships at Jefferies and a summer internship at PJT. The commitment to personalized coaching significantly influenced my success. I recommend Invest & You for dedicated individuals excelling in the competitive finance landscape. The comprehensive, 10+ hour training, conducted remotely, offered an adaptable learning experience. Focused reviews of numerous technical and fit questions solidified my preparation.


Summer Analyst
at PJT, London
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Invest & You was instrumental in my journey to securing a full-time position at UBS. Their comprehensive preparation for Assessment Centers, an area completely new to me, was key in building my confidence and competence. The simulations they provided mimicked real-life scenarios perfectly, allowing me to develop and refine my skills in a safe yet challenging environment. Their expert guidance and feedback after each session were invaluable, helping me understand and navigate the complexities of Assessment Centers effectively. I am immensely grateful to Invest & You for their support and highly recommend their program to anyone.


Full Time Analyst
at UBS, London
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Companies where our clients have secured internships and full-time offers.


Choose your preferred model

10+ hours of training spread over 8 week, any day of the week and 100% remote to accommodate your constraints. Numerous technical and fit questions commonly asked in interviews reviewed and addressed.

15m private call

An experienced banker will contact you for a free consultation

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Quick chat to answer any of your questions

1:1 single session

To sharpen your skills in one of the following modules

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Mock sessions for upcoming IB or PE interviews
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Resume & cover letter review
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Networking in finance
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Ace an IB case study (walkthrough)
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LBO modeling test & case study
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Any other topic related to Corporate Finance

Frequently asked questions

How do I begin the coaching process with Invest & You?

To begin coaching with Invest & You, you can start by filling out our initial inquiry form on the website. We'll contact you for a qualification call to understand your background, goals, and expectations.

What information do you need from me to tailor the coaching to my specific goals?

We'll request you to provide your resume and share details about your career goals during the qualification call. This helps us tailor the coaching to your unique needs.

Is there an initial consultation or assessment before starting the coaching program?

Yes, we conduct a qualification call to assess your strengths, weaknesses, and specific areas for improvement before starting the coaching program.

How soon can I expect to start the coaching sessions after signing up?

Once you've completed the initial inquiry and qualification call, we aim to start the coaching sessions promptly based on your availability.

Can I choose specific areas of focus for my coaching, such as resume review or interview preparation?

Absolutely! Our coaching is tailored to your needs. You can choose specific areas like resume review, interview preparation, networking, or any other relevant topics.

Can you provide details on the pricing structure for your coaching programs?

Our pricing details are available on the website. We offer competitive rates for our coaching services, ensuring affordability and value for the comprehensive support provided.

Are there any flexible payment plans available for the coaching services?

Yes, we offer flexible payment plans to make our coaching services accessible. Details can be discussed during the qualification call.

Are there additional costs for materials, mock interviews, or other resources during the coaching process?

The coaching fee covers materials, mock interviews, and resources. There are no additional costs, ensuring transparency and affordability.

What is your refund or cancellation policy for coaching services?

Our refund and cancellation policy is outlined in our terms and conditions. We aim for fairness and transparency in handling such situations.

What does the Mastery Program cover, and how is it structured?

The Mastery Program covers a comprehensive curriculum, including resume and cover letter optimization, networking strategies, technical and fit interview preparation, and personalized coaching sessions. It is structured to provide a holistic approach to breaking into finance.

Is the Mastery Program suitable for individuals with varying levels of experience in finance?

Yes, the Mastery Program is designed to cater to individuals with diverse backgrounds and experience levels in finance. Our coaching adapts to your specific needs.

How long does it typically take to complete the Mastery Program?

The duration varies based on individual progress and commitment. On average, clients complete the Mastery Program within a timeframe that suits their schedule and goals.

Are there specific industries or sectors covered in the Mastery Program, or is it broadly applicable to finance roles?

The Mastery Program at Invest & You is tailored to provide comprehensive preparation for a variety of finance roles within the corporate finance world, including Investment Banking (IB), Private Equity (PE), Transaction Services (TS), Credit Funds, and more. We ensure that our coaching covers diverse industries and sectors, offering candidates a versatile skill set to excel in their desired fields